October 7, 2012


We have been living here in Parkes now for just about three months, but have shared so little of the town we live in and the local places we explore. As I approach the end of my first semester of Education, it will hopefully free up a little more time to share our discoveries!

While doing my second teaching prac, here in Parkes, I have been fortunate to learn a little more about shooting in film, and then how to develop and print my own images. Being only a hobby photographer, it has been a lot of fun to learn a little more of the craft, which is helping me get better images.

Below are the photos I took (on digital), while out last week shooting film. I cheated a little and took a digital camera along as well, because I was too impatient to see how they would turn out. But it was great to have these in colour and the film in black and white.

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