October 7, 2012


I’m loving winter afternoons. Lately I’ve taken to going for an afternoon stroll, when the clock hits three.

Behind our house is an open country road, where the next town is 100 kilometres away. The scenry is beautifully endless, one side with gentle slopes, the other side is open red plains.

I love the way the sun shines behind the hills in the afternoon, the air is cool and fresh, and I have to remind myself to enjoy a little exercise, rather than rushing home and painting the day’s landscape.

In front of our house the road leads into town, where the potential of a new magazine and a warm coffee at the new florist cafe Tara Jeane awaits. After a day full of study and reading (or this week, teaching Maths to High Schoolers), a little bit of fresh inspiration, in this beautiful cafe, filled with fresh flowers and vintage delights, is just what the afternoon needs.

xo E.

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