October 4, 2012


Honestly, do I have good friends or what!! This weekend I (elizabeth) had the delight of a surprise weekend away with my dear girlfriends! all I knew was that I has to be ready to leave at 10am, pack my togs, pjs and a pretty dress. (as usual I over packed and two of each, and more - but forgot my toothpaste - bummer).

A quick drive to the airport, and a good chat in the air - and Sarah and I were on the gold coast being greeted with a Hawaiian lei by the rest of the girls.

The surprises didn’t stop there! As we pulled into our destination for the weekend, Q1. The apartment had the most amazing outlook and was completely decorated with Hawaiian goodness!

Thanks for the best weekend girlies! you sure know how to treat a girl. back at home in my own bed I am reliving the dancing, the singing and the warm sunshine. But mostly I am so grateful for each of you and the love and joy you’ve all brought to me over the years and that this exciting time of my life! I love you all dearly!

As for the rest of you, here’s a few pictures from the weekend!

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