October 7, 2012


A little bit of weekend exploration took us our to Central West New South Wales. A picturesque drive through and over the Blue Mountains and along the central tablelands, has made us excited about the new year and all that is install!

The famous Radio Telescope, also known as ‘the dish’ was probably one of the highlights. We were in awe of how massive it was and could put it in context of the movie - ‘The Dish’.

The picture below isn’t the real Elvis Presley, but its one of 1000s of Elvis look-a-likes part of the Elvis Festival in Parkes. Rumour has it that the festival started about 20 years ago with a few guys driving through town, on the back of a ute in Elvis costumes! Now its a pretty big deal each year - with even a Miss Priscilla contest.

It was fun seeing a different Elvis in every pub in town!

This Elvis had great hip moves, and sounded alright too!

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