October 3, 2012


So if you’re considering coming up to Esk for the weekend, here’s some information on places to stay and things to do.

A pretty historic town within easy reach of Brisbane.
Located 110 km north-west of Brisbane and 70 km from Ipswich, Esk is one of those pleasant, green, leafy and historic towns which, although gracious and stylish, appears to be little more than a main street and a few houses. It nestles under Glen Rock and Mt Esk on the Brisbane Valley Highway.
In fact Esk is the gateway to a region full of hidden delights. The town has a number of interesting historic buildings in an area which boasts the remarkable and elegant Bellevue and Caboonba Homesteads.


 Esk Motel - 93 Ipswich St, Esk QLD 4321
 Telephone: (07) 5424 1289

Glenn Rocks Motel - 81 Brisbane Valley Hwy,Esk QLD 4321
 Telephone: (07) 5424 1304

New Wivenhoe Motel - 2 Highland Rd, Esk QLD 4321
 Telephone: (07) 5424 1677


 The Grand Hotel - 121 Ipswich St, Esk QLD 4321
 Telephone: (07) 5424 1141

Cottages & Cabins

The Lake House on Somerset - Stanley Pocket Rd, Lake Somerset via, Esk QLD 4321
 Telephone: (07) 5426 0130
 Facsimile: (07) 5426 0120 Email: thelakehouse@gil.com.au


Esk Cottage Restaurant - 179 Ipswich St, Esk QLD 4321
Telephone: (07) 5424 2100

Monika’s Restaurant - Biarra Rd, Esk QLD 4321
Telephone: (07) 5424 1154

Staging Post Inn - 112 Ipswich St, Esk QLD 4321
Telephone: (07) 5424 1319

Wivenhoe Dam Restaurant - Wivenhoe Dam, Esk QLD 4321
Telephone: (07) 5426 7305



- A walk through the park, up past the council building, exploring the old train station.
- The antique shop on the main street, just after Highland Street.
- Teara’s Cafe, nice coffee and cakes, and cool art on the walls.

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