October 13, 2012


While visiting our local Op Shops with a friend, this week, I noticed a big basket of grapefruits and lemons sitting on the counter. As I purchased my 'new' dress, and a few 'new' books, I asked if I could take a grapefruit, as I noticed they were free.
With the first sign of my enthusiasm, the kind lady urged me to take more than just one, as she pulled out a bag and began to fill it for me. She assured me that they had even more out the back, so to take as many as I'd like (or she'd like).

When I asked her for any suggestions, as to what I should do with them, she plainly asked, 'if I had a computer?', and recommended I search for a marmalade recipe which would allow me to use any mixture of citrus fruits.

As I walked out of the store, arms full with the generosity of a stranger, I remembered the empty jars I had a home, and the thoughts I'd had of trying my hand at preserves, that had entered my mind from time to time.

Once home, I pulled out my 'Common Sense Cookbook', wisely given to me, as a birthday present from my Mum, and found a marmalade recipe, that allowed me to use any citrus fruits I'd like.

I choose out eight of my grapefruits, weighed them, and the process began.

Slightly chuffed with myself, my first attempt at making preserves was a success. We had 5 jars of fresh Grapefruit Marmalade, one has already been given away, while the others wait to go to a new home, or to be spread out with a bit of butter, on a warm piece of toast.

As the crisp and cool Winter air lingers, and persists before Spring is full. A piece of marmalade toast and a cup of tea, calls fondly for us, as the weekend begins.


  1. Today must be the day for marmalade making!! I found inspiration as I picked some oranges from my Grandpa's orchard this morning. I haven't made it as yet but tomorrow I will & I'm so excited now after reading this post!

    1. Have fun! Will you write a post about it? Would love to know how you go :)

    2. I have written a post about it. I haven't tasted it properly yet. I had a bit of a taste as I was testing if it was set & it was really tart! I'm interested to taste how it is on toast :) How was yours?

    3. Your marmalade looks fabulous! I do like the taste of the one I cooked, I was a bit worried that I may have cooked it I little too long, because when I compared it to a store bought marmalade it was less runny. But on toast, it spreads perfectly :)

  2. Beautiful job Elizabeth, you make me proud YS

  3. Oh my! Did the marmalade taste as wonderful as it looks?