October 11, 2012


A little over a week ago, we celebrated our first year of marriage. It was a day that came around so much quicker than expected - but at the same time, it seems hard to remember life without Dave.

When talking with my Mum on the phone last night, I expressed how grateful I am that at the start of the year we left the city, and moved west, to the country. The experiences and opportunities we've had this year have often been outside of what I ever expected in life, and the lack of buzz that surrounds our life has brought with it a simplicity and peace, that is what makes me most thankful of all.

When Dave and I awake, each morning and head to the kitchen for breakfast, he knows my tea choice (even when I'm going through the phase of a new flavour), and how strong I drink it. We each make our breakfast and sit and talk about the day ahead, our dreams for another day, and the unrelated things which enter our brains at the early hours of the day.

We each leave for work, or our tasks of the day, but in the midst of it all our hearts watch for the afternoon, where a new kiss is waiting.

We have so much to learn, and just as much to experience of life together. But mostly I'm thankful that at the end of each day, we're beside each other, our hearts content. Because everyday I look at you Dave, I know you complete me.


  1. the most gorgeous wedding photos, that is for sure.
    i suppose it helps that you're both beautiful people ;) i love your dress especially. i can't take my eyes off it!

  2. You two! I love everything about your wedding and the photos. There is this beautiful quietness to them. Happy one year anniversary!