October 7, 2012


Visiting the farmers markets in Orange has been on our list of things to do since moving to the Central West. We never go to farmers markets with a shopping list, but rather, prefer to enjoy something fresh off a BBQ, a cup of warm coffee and to explore the local produce to bring home something new for our table.

Yesterday we walked through the Orange show grounds with a coffee in one hand and an a roll of fresh eggs, bacon and sausage in the other. I’d be lying if not to say we were beside our selves in joy, surrounded by great food and consuming it at the same time!

Dave now has Narromine oranges to have with his breakfast this week, I have some new flowers for the house, and we’ve left the fresh sourdough on the bench, to save us having to go to the cupboard, each time we want another slice. I’d say it won’t be around much longer.

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