October 8, 2012


“It was half-past six. The world looked clean and new. ‘Just as if it has been freshly washed,’ said Hilary, sniffing the sharp salt breeze. ‘Look at those pink clouds over there! And did you ever see such a clear blue as the sea in this morning.’ ”

Smuggler Ben - Enid Blyton

As the air slowly gets warmer, the sun is rising earlier and earlier everyday. This week we’ve found ourselves facing the new days with the rising sun, and finding it a little easier to let go of the covers and get out of bed, than it has been in recent weeks.

As I woke yesterday I remembered some rose petals I had placed within the pages of an old book, so that when they were pressed I would still enjoy their beauty in winter, when there’d be no roses left. But now it is spring, and the roses are again budding, and I just remembered the petals. Even still they were a delight to yesterday’s early morning, as I retraced my steps to find the right book, and uncover its pages. Its scent was like my Oma’s sewing room, where fresh potpourri from the latest craft stall, or her own roses, was always in abundance.

As spring is here, and summer quickly approaching, I’m looking forward to catching the sweet pastel skies of oranges and pinks and purples, as the sun rises, and brings about each new day, ‘just as if it has been freshly washed.’

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