October 7, 2012


It doesn’t happen every weekend that I’m in the same place as my girlfriends, all at once, but this weekend we were all back together to share the love and joy of Sarah and John tying the knot!

Sarah and I have had lots of fun over the last few months, planning out the details of decorations and styling for their big day. Seeing a new chapter of their love story unfold, was only made more perfect with a backdrop that came together beautifully.

Thanks Sarah and John for letting me be a part of your big day, I had so much fun working with you to create a day that you will always remember (and enjoyed the excuse to eat baby food!). But more than that, thanks for having us at your wedding! Dave and I had such a fun weekend, with you, your family and friends, and we couldn’t be any happier about two great people being in love!

All our love to the newlyweds!


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