October 29, 2012


We met Caleb and Renee our first week in Parkes. We walked into church that Sunday afternoon, new to town and friend-less. We hoped to find a church where we would feel at home, amongst family. Within very little time of having met us, they invited us over for dinner that week, and around their family table, our friendship began.

Everytime we are with these two, we walk away blessed. Their generosity is unending, always extending in love and time to those around them, and encouraging strength and potential to come to life.

I spent Saturday morning with Caleb and Renee, and their gorgeous little girls Eliza and Mia. Not all of these pictures are the kind you put in a frame, or pass on to family members to hang up in their house, but I hope one day when Mia and Eliza are a little older, they will find these photos and know and see the love and devotion that envelops their lives.

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