October 7, 2012


Winter days are quickly running out, the days are starting to get a little longer, and there’s a hint of spring in the air as the crops are growing around our town, and even new lambs are being born.

The air was crisp this morning when we headed out, and when we heard from some locals about some nearby snow, Dave and I with our friends Nathan and Mel and their adorable kids, went to catch a glimpse, before it melts away.

We’ve been to the snow a few times, but never in Australia. So today when we were able to play in the snow just an hour from our house, it was just as exciting as seeing snow for the first time!

We drove to the top of Mount Canobolas, just outside of Orange, and watched the snow thicken as we got closer to the top. Houses had snow on their roofs and white flakes covered the tips of trees.

The air was freezing and our feet and fingers were going numb, but the excitement kept us throwing snowballs and eating fresh ice!

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