October 7, 2012


We woke up this morning with the last of the Christmas/New Year public holidays on our doorstep, wanting to make the most of it (and not having had enough time on the road!) we headed south of Sydney to explore the south coast. Our main destination was the blowhole at Kiama, which Dave had never seen. It’s so spectacular and fascinating as loads of people gather round to watch the water randomly burst towards the sky - luckily you can hear it coming which got us ready to grab a picture!

I showed Dave around Minnamurra, the beach my family used to go when we lived near by and the river my parents used to tow my brother and I across, on our boogie boards, so we could swim at the beach on the other side.

We finished the day with a great wood-fired BBQ at ‘the farm’ over looking the south coast and the last of the day’s waves rolling in. Thanks to my parents friends for coming prepared with the tastiest bruschetta and salads, and letting us join the fun!

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