October 8, 2012


I was pretty lucky to have an article I wrote and pictures I took published on their own whole page in our local paper, not The Australian, I know, but a small feat for human kind. Here’s a few of my own favourites, that weren’t printed, but capture the essence of some elements that I love most about country shows. Cause we LOVE country shows.

Being our first one out here, it was a new experience, but still we loved bumping into people we knew ever 100 metres or so, and the joy of being out in the cold August air with a dagwood dog watching monster trucks and a demolition derby was an experience in its own.

No showbags or new soft toys here, but we did give the dodgem cars a go, for old times sake.

Now I understand why children save their pocket money and count down the sleeps each year. Next year I think I might enter some scones into the baking contest.

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