October 7, 2012


Over 2000km later after leaving our 1 bedroom apartment in the city, our jobs, our friends and our metropolitan lifestyle, we’ve found ourselves in a 4 bedroom home, with not a enough furniture to fill it, Dave has a new position, Elizabeth is confining herself to the study, learning how to be an art teacher, most things are shut by 5pm and earlier on the weekends (if they open at all), and we’re adjusting to life in the country.

But so far, we love it.

Our house backs on to open country, just a few farms, hills in the distance, trees and red earth is all you can see. The people are so lovely, offering to help (people even wanting to buy Elizabeth’s art without even seeing it!) and glad to see people willingly coming from the city.

We’ve found ourselves standing out like a fishes out of water, being clearly from the city on a few occasions. Turning up to a clearing sale, was one of our finer moments, 100 km west of Parkes, 30 minutes on a dirt road, being the only people there not in jeans, boots and wearing Akubras, we’d hope to pick up some furniture for a bargain instead were surrounded by farmers as massive harvesting trucks and equipment were being sold off. At least next time we won’t turn up hoping there might be an ATM there!

Here’s a few pictures from our new surrounds……

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