November 8, 2012


We had my (Elizabeth) parents visit us over the weekend, and the start of this week. Business called my Dad to Griffith on Monday, so I took the opportunity to see a new region, and drove with him to the Riverina. After Dad's meeting we explored the local farming area, seeing endless rows of vineyards and orchards.

Spending seven hours in the car with my Dad, is something he noted, 'we haven't done in a long time.' If you know my Dad, you'd understand that I learnt lots of new things on Monday, receiving many new pearls of wisdom. We spoke lots about farming, and what sort of work it would take to live a completely self-sustaining life, working the land not just for money, but for your own produce and livelhood.
I've become intrigued with all the different crops that grow around our town, and yet we still understand making bread from scratch as with flour and water, but really so much has happened before that.

Lots of the orange trees in Griffith are being bulldozed by farmers who are no longer able to keep up with the prices of international oranges being sold to Australian stores. Almond trees are being planted as their new source of income.
I don't pretend to really know anything about it, as I said, Monday was a day for learning. But it opened my eyes to think more about where our food comes from, and the processes it goes through before it lands in our fridge.

I loved the opportunity to explore a new town and region, and have my eyes and mind opened to a few things I don't usually think about. We also made sure we got in on the oranges that are not getting picked, as they sit and wait for the bulldozer. Thanks to share farming we already have a new batch of marmalade!


  1. Gorgeous shots and colours, Liz! You seem to notice and really appreciate the little things - it's lovely. x