December 19, 2012



1. Frankie Magazine - Issue Fifty-One   /   2. Kinfolk Magazine - Volume Six   /   3. Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll   /   4. Saturday, Ian McEwan   /   5. The Sense of An Ending, Julian Barnes   6. Seven Little Australians, Ethel Turner

HIS1. Triple J Magazine - Annual   /   2. Triple J Magazine - Oct/Nov 2012   /   3. The Three Musketeers, Alex Dumas   /   4. The Adventures of Sherlock Homes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle   /   5. Smith Journal - Volume Four   /   6. Gulliver's Travels   -   Dean Swift 
What are you reading these holidays?


  1. Absolutely love Dumas & the three musketeers! And last year I read all the books that come after it too, so good.. This holidays I've got Frankie on my list as well, plus trying to finish lord of the rings, and hopefully start a new classic, but haven't decided which one yet :) happy reading guys!

  2. Love this original "Alice and Wonderland". I think I was the Mad Hatter in another life! Haha