January 11, 2013


When I was around seven, our family moved house and states, and our books were displayed with easy access in our new Queensland home. I came across an old book of my Mum's that I think she'd owned in school. I don't remember all its contents, except for the poem, 'My Country' by Dorothea Mackellar. Being of an enthusiastic reading age, and as with many new books, I picked it up I began to read it out load, asking my Mum to help me with tricky words along the way. 

Then, I'm not sure if for a class 'show and tell,' or just out of my own interest, I learnt the poem and began to recite it around our home. At that stage it was a collection of words that sounded nice together, I knew it was about Australia as I associated the text with what I'd seen and beyond into what I imagined about this great big land.

Last week when we drove home from Canberra we stopped along the road, around half-way through our journey. The sun was still a little over an hour from setting, and the last of the daily golden light breathed warmth over an un-harvested wheat field. It was double gold. We stood outside our car, surrounded by this golden horizon, blue and yellow danced together, a perfect colour spectrum. And I felt like Mackellar stood there once too, or somewhere much like it.

This is a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains, the blue skies are pitiless, and the horizons as far as can see.


  1. I LOVE these . what stunning scenery. gosh you make me want to visit australia now!!!

  2. Such beautifully orchestrated words, Elizabeth. Stunning images, too. Are you feeling more confident after the Nursery?

    1. Thanks Lisa! So much more!
      I'm also planning around with film a little bit, and experiencing better results. Properly understanding how it all works has made me so excited. If it wasn't for the assignments I've been doing this week, I think I'd be out taking photos!