January 15, 2013


We love trying coffee that comes by recommendation. Something about walking into a cafe knowing friends or family have graced the seats, soaked in the aromas and flavours of the local blend, give us a certain familiarity when visiting a cafe for the first time. 

Mocan & Green Grout came with the list of places to visit during our jaunt in Canberra. The interior captivated me as I marvelled the uneven wooden wall, and the small finds of bottles and plants that dwelled in corners and on shelves.

We soaked in our morning coffee with the day's newspaper, and the chatter of cyclists and creatives inspiring and driving one another on to their next dream. Those who took breakfast saw it prepared and cooked before their eyes, as the smells made the other patrons inquire as to 'what she's having?'

The wondered through the surrounds to find some great art pieces, some where intentional while others sought a voice, and wall space. 

We drove away grateful, for a little corner we would never have found on our own.

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