January 23, 2013


When scientists and wise men and women gather to discuss the nature and habits of the human race,  I wonder if they meet around a dinner table, or they each bring some food to share. I wonder if the bonds of life and love that join strangers or new friends puzzle them as they survey DNA under microscopes.

We live 1000km from our family. Yet here on the plains, beneath the bright sun of each day, we have a family whose chemical design and DNA displays no resemblance to our own. But what links us is the love and the embrace in which they welcomed us in, and helped make this place home. Nothing beats friends like these.

Last week we travelled across hills and through small towns for a week at the beach, with the youth of our church in tow. 

Summertime memories are the best, filled with the lightness and ease of long simple days. Carefree hours get lost at the beach, or in honest and noble conversation. Dinners lasted beyond the meal, as we sat outside on picnic rugs sharing food and stories of the day's adventures. 

Really, must summer end?

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  1. Fabulous. Gorgeous shots! That sunset beach photo left me gasping, beautiful.