January 10, 2013


The heat this week has provoked  a little nostalgia for my childhood summers, as I've chosen to slide easily into the comforts of time-worn days.

We've stayed cool in our swimmers, late into the night, opting for wet fabric to keep our skin cool. We've left our shoes un-touched as we faithfully slipped into thongs before walking out the door. We've worn our favourite clothes a few days in a week, preferring the perfect slouch of that old t-shirt, rather than our new christmas threads. We've eaten home-made icy poles in-between all meals. And we've stopped following the clock as the sun directs our days.

We hope the heat is treating you well!

P.S. Our wedding has been featured today by the lovely Brittany of The House That Lars Built, over on Brooklyn Bride. You can check it out here.

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