January 13, 2013


Have you ever seen so many people dressed as Elvis, that someone had to create a term for multiple Elvis? Its called 'Elvi'. It sounds like its own species. But seeing as it causes a town to double in size for a weekend, maybe it is its own species.

For one weekend a year, fans of Elvis come from many different lands to celebrate 'The King's' birthday. And of all the places in the world to flock to, the Elvi come to Parkes.

Any other week, or any other town seeing people cruising the streets is Elvis suits, and stick on sideburns is not normal to the every day. But here everyone goes a little nuts. We made sure we got amongst it a little bit (no one likes a hater!) on Saturday morning for the Elvis Street Parade. An experience of its own, as so many people who don't even live here waltzed down our main street, dressed as Elvis, Pricilla or parading their vintage cars. 

All I can really say is we may need some blue suede shoes, cause this town is looking like Memphis!

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