January 12, 2013


Remember last week when we visited Canberra? We arrived the day before The Nursery so we could explore the city a little. Following the main road straight in, we ended up right in front of Parliament House. Walter Burley Griffin sure knew what he was doing, cause Canberra is one symmetrical town. We were fascinated by the lines and detail between the architecture and landscapes, as we strolled around the lake and explored a few of the significant buildings.

My favourite was the Portrait Gallery. The diverse expressions and representations of notable and normal Australians had me captivated from the first room. 

We only had a couple of days up our sleeve this time, but Canberra, we'll be back again sometime.

P.S. These pictures were taken on one of my film cameras. I picked up the scans from this roll yesterday, and may have been slightly frothing with excitement. More pictures to come soon!

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