January 4, 2013



I got my first DSLR Camera six years ago. Coming from a point and shoot, I had a friend explain the basics too me, and I began the journey or trying to understand my camera, and how the different elements of photography effect an image. It's been a slow journey of lots of bad photos with the odd good one fluked. Over the last year I've followed the blogs of different photographers to inspire me and keep me focused on the road to becoming a more capable photographer. 

This is where Tim Coulson comes in. This guy not only takes amazing photos, but he also loves people. He's learnt to notice the details and capture the small moments that exude natural meaning and love.

When his workshop The Nursery took to the road (stopping only a few hours from us), I knew I had to be there. And by golly, I wasn't disappointed. The workshop is for people who have a DSLR, but struggle to use the Manual setting. For me, the day was the coming together of new skills, things I'd  picked up intuitively, but didn't understand, and a massive encouragement to keep walking this creative journey. 

I feel like now I get it. I still have lots to learn, but not unlike driving a car, I'm stalling a lot less now.

Thanks for being so honest and real about your art Tim, you're really a gifted teacher - with such a loving little family, it was a privilege to meet Kesh and Roo too! 
And thanks to all the lovely ladies I met at the workshop, excited to follow along with your blogs as we continue our photographic journeys. 


  1. Really lovely images, Elizabeth! I'm so glad you enjoyed your Nursery experience. Tim certainly has a way with explaining things doesn't he? I remember having a few "light bulb" moments, it was wonderful. Keep up the good work! Xo

  2. I love these photos. Thank you for your kind words. Until we meet again, Elizabeth Stirling White.

  3. These shots are wonderful Elizabeth. You should be proud! I attended The Nursery last year and gained so much knowledge - not just in technical terms, but also in the way Tim sees the world x

  4. Hi Elizabeth!
    Lovely to meet you in Canberra at The Nursery. I love your photos from the day, and such a beautiful post. [Haven't done mine yet, just arrived home hot and tired yesterday].

  5. I loved your post - your photos are just fantastic Elizabeth.

    It was so lovely to meet you. You're so photogenic too, you made my photos look good LOL. I've been away so only got to really look at my photos last night for the first time. I plan on doing a blog post very soon.

  6. Hi Elizabeth. Your photos are so pretty you definitely got it there on the day. xx