February 12, 2013


Often when I'm driving down the road I'm just looking at the bitumen, watching where I'm headed, and looking out for cars. The other day I looked up and noticed the trees in my neighbourhood seemed more lush, more green and taller than when I last looked, which judging by my observation, must have been a while ago - perhaps the start of spring.

I think I often do that keep looking ahead (granted when you're driving - that's a good thing), but I forget to look up, to look sideways and appreciate the goodness, 'greeness' and growth that's around me. So the other day, I drove slower and soaked it in.

We drove into Denman nearly a month ago, on our way home from the beach, at Port Macquarie. Its easy to miss small details and interesting towns when you've got eight hours ahead of you, and you're focused on getting home. But the search for a good sandwich can cause you to stop. We ate, we wandered, we paused with friends. We took a break in our journey to breathe the fresh air. Then we hopped back in our car, feeling full and refreshed.

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