February 3, 2013


It's been more than once that after reading this blog series, I've wanted to make or eat cake, even if its not a Sunday. So this morning I woke up determined to include cake making and eating into the second half of our weekend.

I found a recipe in a Woman's Weekly cookbook, and had Dave pick up a few extra items when he was down the street. After a little bit of beating, baking, waiting and assembling, we now have a lemon cake to eat this week.

I'm certainly no Martha Stewart, as my presentation doesn't quite represent the flavour. Nonetheless I'm sure if cake isn't packed with our lunches this week, a fresh slice will be cut on arrival home after work, or after dinner to eat with tea, or maybe if we're lucky - all of the above.


  1. Mmm, looks so very tasty. Love the classic Woman's Weekly cookbooks!

  2. I am mad for lemon, delicious! I should really work on practicing my baking, I suck. :P