February 19, 2013


"To tell the truth in all its substance you must be quiet, and have a comfortable chair away from all distraction, and a window to stare through; and then the knack of seeing waves when there are fields before your eyes, and of feeling the tropic sun when it is cold; and at your fingertips the words with which to capture the vision before it all fades. I have none of these, while you have all."
J.M. Coetzee, Foe

I can hardly believe we're on the back end of February, heading towards the third month of the year (OK, so I'm a week and a bit ahead of myself). We're finding the rhythm to this year, school has started, I'm getting my books together to start studying again next week, and coffee with ice is still the way its served the last of these summer mornings.

I'm getting a bit fidgittey waiting for Autumn to arrive. The cooler mornings are like a quiet whisper that it'll soon be here, (and not to be impatient - yet again) I'll be glad to no longer feel the need to make excuses about wanting to eat hot cross buns, explore the towns on the mountains - where the air is cool, and go back to hot coffee, to warm our cold hands.

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