March 19, 2013


Being invited to children's parties is a stage of life that we're just getting re-accustomed to. I'd say we each had our fair share of fairy bread and party bags growing up, but now we're the adults around the edges of the party, casually biting into chicken nuggets, sausage rolls and the odd cupcake to top it all off.

Seeing as we don't have children, our first kids' party invite was very novel and exciting. We didn't have to pretend we'd grown out of pin the tail on the donkey anymore, we could just be there 'to help some kids out.' We don't mind admitting defeat when a 3 year old wins the game, because we know if we really wanted to, we could buy the prize on our way home, and be just as happy as them!

This weekend just gone we visited a fairies and pirates party for our little friend Indiana. Thanks for having us Indi, you (and your Mum and Dad) sure do throw a great party!

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  1. Kids parties are the best fun. We, too, have reached that stage in life. And, too, we remain the very small minority of invited guests without kids of our own!