April 20, 2013


As we headed out for a coffee, after most of the day in car, I noticed my neck turning in every direction trying to take in details, learn of new places, see the lights and smell the scents of this city completely new to me.

We set out at twilight, opting to walk towards the city, taking the time to adjust to a new location and find our way around. The Friday night walk through the city reminded us of when we lived in the Sydney, and walking for hours through the streets of the city, eating bits and pieces along the way was one of our favourite weekly traditions.
Last night we found Chinatown, which I find to be a good starting point in any new city. We ate at a Koren Barbeque restaurant for dinner, and now our clothes are satisfactorily  smokey.

We ended up in Federation Square, before boarding a train at Flinders Station, and heading home for the night. This morning we're excited to head out and see a more of this town through Peter's eyes as he shows us around.

Here's a few small details of our first impressions.

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