April 18, 2013


We're hitting the road in the morning, the way we Whites have a tendincy of doing, too long without exploring new roads makes us a little restless for adventure. For the first time since moving to the country, we're going to head south down the freeway and over the border, to Melbourne.

I'm incredibly excited for lots of reasons, one - I have never been to Melbourne (and yes, lot of people have told me, 'You will love it!'). two - we're visiting Peter, one of our favourite people in the world, we're very much looking forward to hanging out and seeing the city through his eyes. three - we also get to see my parents who will be there for some business.

So many good things squashed into one week! But I wanted to know if anyone, of our small community of readers had any recommendations of things we should do, or places we should eat?

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  1. I am by no means a Melbournian, but some of our favourite things to do when visiting Melbourne are shopping at the South Warf DFO, shopping on Burke & Elizabeth Streets, having a drink and late meal on Hardware Lane (and visiting a Jazz club if we can!), breakfast on Flinders Lane, drinks at a roof top bar (our favourite is just near the entrance to China Town!), and for more food - there is a restaurant on a tram that travels around the city, we've never done but friends of ours have and loved it! Most of all, soak up the Melbourne culture, history and wonderful restaurants and bars! Fed Square was definitely a great place to visit. Are you guys staying in the city?