April 8, 2013


When I was in high school we seemed to have a new song every week that would draw out the truths of our souls and help us express what was really going on, somewhere on the inside.

A week ago I was driving around in our car with a group of teenage girls from our church, and one of their ipods was our DJ as we drove through the streets of our town. They knew all the words, as they sung in unison; and I remembered that feeling, like a song had the ability to make the joys or the struggles of life explainable, just for those five minutes, and cause you to feel like someone else was treading the same path.

That doesn't happen to me that much anymore, maybe its an age thing. Mostly I think its from working in a store for 18 months, listening to the same songs that I'd loved, until I would have chosen silence than to hear them again.

For all the retrospective things I've learnt since being a teenager, I wouldn't go back to learn it all again. But the girls reminded me to choose music over silence a little more, to remember that feeling of a song finding you, somewhere in a moment.

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