May 6, 2013

18/52 : DAVE

For the last year and a bit, I've been following along with a lovely little blog series, started by Jodi of Che and Fidel, called "52: a portrait a week". It started as a way of her capturing a portrait a week of her two children. I disqualified any idea of joining in with this great idea as we don't have any children, but then I came across another great blog by Rebekka Seale, who creatively joined by sharing a portrait once a week of all people most dear to her. 

So here I am, joining in a little late, after week 18, with my first portrait of someone who is important to me. Naturally, I couldn't help but by starting with Dave, my most favourite person in all the whole wide world. 
I took these photos when we stopped for a roadside stretch, while traveling home from Melbourne. There's not a day that goes by that I'm not grateful for this man, and the goodness he brings into our life together. I'm so thankful for this journey that we're on, but mostly that we're together through it all.

*This post is part of the 52 portrait series: a portrait, once a week, every week, in 2013.*

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  1. Love the first one especially. It is on my list for next week favs. Visiting from 52. :)