June 10, 2013


"The conversations in cafes and clubs was about politics and art. No one was talking about the latest fashions. New York was a heated city. Heated by passion and purpose. Nothing much was prettied up or hidden. The yellow cabs that had traversed the streets had often seen better days. The spring seemed to have gone out of the upholstery in most of the passenger seats, and the cars' suspension systems, more often than not, were shot."
Lily Brett - Lola Bensky

Yesterday we bought ourselves two plane tickets to a holiday overseas at the end of the year. Dave and I have been taking and dreaming about getting on a plane and taking off somewhere new for what feels like ages. There are three different maps that hang in our house always reminding us how big the world is, and even more, how much we want to see it.

This time we'll be going back to two places that one of us has already been, to create new memories and experience more of the world together. The first photo was taken by Dave on his trip to New York three and a half years ago, and the bottom was taken by me on a trip to Holland three and a half years ago. Dave was away for five weeks exploring the US, and the morning he got back I boarded a plane five hours later for six weeks in Europe.

I'm so thankful that this time we'll be together.

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