July 3, 2013

24/52 : STEPH

 I set out to try and share a portrait a week, of people that I truly value in my life. I'm a couple of weeks behind, so I'm attempting to catch up, and this week also sharing some photos I took as part of my new venture in photography - Memory Lane Studio.

This is Steph (also pictured with Doug, during a couple shoot, a few weeks ago). Steph was one of the first people we met when we moved the Central West, as she greeted us boldly and warmly, our first Sunday in church.

Steph overflows with a passion for young people, desiring to see them supported and strengthened into their full potential. Meeting someone who's ambition is focused on the needs of others, is a treasure that we don't encounter everyday.

A few years younger than me, this young lady inspires me constantly to increase my hope and vision for the people around us. I walk away encouraged and refreshed from our times spent together. And of late, a little fitter from our walks around town.

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