July 2, 2013


"The seasons make no difference to pine trees. In autumn they keep their swarthy needles as the days shorten and sunshine weakens. Winter, with its livid clouds and squalls, suits the draughty gloom of the pine trees' darkness, their majestic austerity...The conifer forest is alive, and yet it is not. It is an unaltering landscape, a live painting. It is a living thing that doesn't draw breath."
Sonya Hartnett - The Ghost's Child

Ideas and dreams are tossed about constantly in our home, as we consider the possibilities daily and set our hopes as we head out the door each day. Most of the time my own dreams don't go further than the kitchen table, but over the last little while a new venture has become a reality.

Since photographing our first wedding back in May, my friend Hayley and I have been scheming and working together to develop a photography business that reflects both our interests and beliefs that everyday and momentous occasions should be captured well. Our business is called Memory Lane Studio, as it is our deepest hope to create images that will draw people back through their most treasured moments.

It's still early days, but we'd love for you to check out our website and the Facebook page we have put together. We've been completely blessed by all the love and encouragement of our friends and family so far, but if you'd like to follow along with our journey, that would be fantastic! Feel free to make inquiries or pass on our information to anyone you know who would love to have their life captured.

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  1. great read . Hope you post more thing like thing . First. I thought it I was reading my own thoughts