July 4, 2013


Truth be told, Dave and I were never 19 at the same time. But last night a small adventure brought us right back to 2008 when we we're even dating yet. I had come back from a mission trip to Mexico, with a lay-over in LA. I had a new pair of Vans and a fresh need to buy a blank skateboard deck to create my own design. Dave and I were friends, and were slowly seeing more and more of each other. We were both still in university (the first time round), and as Dave spent lots of his free time at the skate park, he was intrigued and willing to help me set up my own board, and teach me how to use it. As summer was ending, I tried to bring years of practice on Tony Hawk on PS2 into reality. I learnt to ride a half pipe (from only half-way up) and could almost Ollie.

With my new camera still less than a week old, I've been eager to use it, and see the upgrade in equipment as an opportunity to upgrade my skills. From what I've read mastery doesn't happen on a job, but in the hours spent developing personal practice and identity with a camera. So we called some friends yesterday, found out when they were next going skating, and joined them in an undercover carpark after the sun went down and the customers cleared out. Minus a slurpee afterwards, we were back in 2008.

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