August 25, 2013


"Clear had the day been from the dawn,
All chequered was the sky,
Thin clouds like scarfs of cobweb lawn
Veiled heaven's most glorious eye.
The wind had no more strength than this,
That leisurely it blew,
To make one leaf the next to kiss 
That closely by it grew."
Michael Drayton - A Fine Day

Arriving here after a quiet absence is like neglecting to visit your grandma for a month, I'm a little saddened by the busyness, but glad for this moment - we're united again. Our days have been filled with gladness, basking in the fresh cold air, thankful that spring has finally decided to let winter pay her full due.

Last Sunday we bought hot chips, and took a loaf of bread to the top of a hill in our town. We laid our chips on fresh slices of bread as we looked out and surveyed our simple scene. All situations seemed to pause as we lay flat on the grass, content and full from our food. Our life is filled with moments that make us pleased, at a desk, in the sunshine, with a book or by a heater, there's a constant refreshing occupying ourselves with the things we love most.

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