September 30, 2013


 I have so many photos and stories from our life sitting on our computer waiting to be shared, but still we are busy inscribing our adventures in our memories and in our hearts, too short of time to write them down for the world.

Life is filled with so many good moments, and constantly we know we are blessed.

Way back in July we braved Melbourne in the fullness of winter. Thankfully it wasn't much colder than it is here, but I bought a new jacket anyway. As we drove out of the city, I asked Dave if we could find a carpark so I could take some photos. Mostly I took photos of him, because of all the things in the whole world - he is still my favourite. Tomorrow we've been married for two years. It sure went quick. As each day our love grows stronger than I could have imagined, I know that life with Dave is greatest of all the things I was purposed for.

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