November 25, 2013


My first glimpses of Holland were during an afternoon walk, hours after I arrived, bleary eyed and jet lagged. Winter was heavy as grey encapsulated every scene, while mist and fog guarded the distant horizon. The cobbled paths supported my footsteps as I began to explore my historical homeland and add experience to the stories and memories told by my mum and my grandparents.

Going back through some of my photos (taken in 2010 - where did all the time go?), its really obvious that the standards in my own photography have really, really changed. I carried my first DSLR with me daily, fumbling my settings as I learnt to expose pictures by trial and error; cheerfully unaware of potential in my camera, I uploaded my prized exposures each evening to my laptop. A few years on I'm excited to document with a little more capability and practice. We're not sure of all that we will see and do, but I think that's what makes me enraptured the most, considering the new streets and sights which we will soon be laying our eyes on!

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  1. I seems to recognize this place . I think I have been there when I was a child brings back memories