December 21, 2013


We didn't come to New York City with a big list of things to do. Opting to explore and let the endless grid of streets surprise us each day. After a big day of snow earlier this week, we headed up to Central Park finding the wandering paths a modest change from the structure of the city streets, and the meadows and parkland hidden beneath a thick covering of snow.

A day of ice and snow underfoot, brought me dipping my toes in a warm bath to thaw them out that afternoon, and I took tea with every meal.
I am loving walking everywhere in this place. We look ahead and we look up, taking in the expanse of this place, and we glimpse to right as we step out on the street, checking for sure that there really are no cars coming. The settled white powder holds still The Park; dominant for winter it pays an ode to the silence and quiet that exists elsewhere from New York.

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