December 24, 2013


New York is a sleepless city, and I'm having trouble sleeping. Beyond the windows of our hotel apartment, the lights of the city never go out, its their duty to illuminate their surrounds. And even when the curtains are closed my mind is outside tracking the pavement and possibilities of this gridded island.

During the day we continue to wander and explore new neighbourhoods, and at night my mind tallies the streets and the sights forming questions and ideas that lead me back to a notepad or the internet early into the morning.

We have a couple of days left in Manhattan before we leave for a week in the New England area. I'm reading The Maytrees by Annie Dillard, picturing Cape Cod in all the seasons. (Mum, I think you'd like it.)

This afternoon I picked up a roll of film photos that I've taken over the last couple of days. My camera is leaking light somehow. I like it / dislike it at the same time, so I may try to find some duct tape tomorrow.

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  1. I love the light leaks in these shots! However, I know that streaks of blue and red don’t suit every photo ;) It’s so lovely to read your words and share in your delight. Your sense of wonder comes through so clearly and it makes me smile. x