December 26, 2013


"The robin on the frosted twig pours forth a song of praise,
Just as if he knew that these were high and holy days.
Trills of music ripple from that tiny crimson throat.
Never did I hear him give so clear and glad a note.

Sing on, little chorister, upon this happy morn,
Tell your silent brothers that the Prince of Peace is born.
Bid the blackbirds and thrushes make sweet melody,
For it is the season of the Lord's Nativity."

Michael Head - The Robin's Carol

Last night while we walked home I found a little abandoned Christmas Tree on the sidewalk, too late for tree sales it had been left on a corner. Delighted at my luck I checked to ensure I wasn't stealing it and carried it home to our hotel.  We hope your Christmas was wonderful, we were lucky to share the day with the White side of the family here in NYC and got to skype with my family twice!

Happy Christmas to all, and to all, Goodnight!

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