December 31, 2013


"If Manhattan was the kingdom, this traffic jam was the dragon, idling in line, like a single gigantic snake, spewing carbon monoxide and smoke into the low autumn skies."
Jim Carroll - The Petting Zoo

I'm not a gentle handler of books. Daily I put my latest read into my bag, with the wishful idea of free time and solace drawing me to its pages in between the bustle and movements of the day. When I'm done with a book, the cover is a little bit tattered, fit for a second hand store or reminiscent of and early edition. It's never my intention, but my mistreatment is meant in love.
Lately a pencil accompanies my novels, a habit developed from my studies, I've become a collector of well crafted sentences that invoke the imagination in and out of context. From time to time you'll see them reproduced here, inspiring the way I want to see the world and capture images - poetic with a deep inscription of detail.

While  we have been out of New York, I have been reading Jim Carroll's The Petting Zoo. Tracking the main protagonist's affinity with his city. It takes me back to our maps to plot out locations, proving that the island and boroughs of New York still possess streets and experiences that will maintain my curiosity beyond our visit.

Tomorrow we leave Boston and head for Brooklyn, New York. And it'll also be New Years Eve. 2013 went so quick! I feel like it was only a few months ago that Dave and I were out walking, discussing our hopes for this year. And as expected some came to pass, others didn't - but things we hadn't even considered graced our days. I never know what to make of it, other than we are blessed.

All the best for the new year friends, may you always find goodness in all circumstances!

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