December 17, 2013



In our house we tend to quantify things by a Dave amount or a Liz amount. A Liz amount is three times a Dave amount when it comes to tomato sauce, mayonnaise or cheese. But when a cream cheese, smoked salmon and red onion bagel was placed beside my bottomless coffee at breakfast this morning, we encountered a new quality – a New York amount - about double a Liz amount. Grateful for the generosity of the diner, I spread the slab of cream cheese over the bagel, redistributed the salmon, consumed the lot, and left a good tip with the bill and set out into our day.

Walking the High Line was one of the things I wanted to do most in this big city – so naturally we made a point of finding ourselves there on our first day. The wind blew sharp as we walked unprotected by buildings and gazed over the Hudson River on one side and the skyline of the city to the other. There’s constantly something to take-in in New York City, the view, good food and bottomless coffee.  

I'm trying to take the pressure off myself as I take photos. Often when we're away I get overwhelmed from the desire to take my greatest ever exposures and crumble under my own expectations. The balance between genuine moments and well captured scenes is an equation I'm still solving. But for our dear family and friends following from home, I hope to share with you the best of our days travelling! Enjoy!

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