January 3, 2014


The memory of walking along the hot dry earth, stopping regularly beneath the shade of cherry trees to fill our buckets and our stomachs, is literally a whole world away from where we are now. This evening the snow has started again fresh, and we are in for one of our coldest days in New York City tomorrow. Tonight, as we turned up the thermostat in our hotel, I definitely had thoughts of the summer we left behind nearly three weeks ago.

We have reached that amount of time in our holiday where the adjustment has set in, and this life of hotels and daily explorations feels like its our routine - it sure would make a great job. The cherry trees and summer warmth are a lovely reminder of the fun that also awaits us when we return home.

December is cherry season in Central West NSW, and our visit to our great friend Joseph was topped off with a stroll between the trees of the Petal Falls Orchard. After we drove away with a box filled with cherries we had picked ourselves, we ate them between every meal that week.

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