January 6, 2014


Sometimes it feels like doing tourist activities comes with a higher cost than walking down new streets and finding the unexpected. In this case we stood in a queue in front of a loud foreign family who enjoyed bumping into us accidentally, way too often. When a break came in the lines, post-security, we quickly dashed ahead hoping to to regain our personal space and enjoyment. We rode the lift up 80 floors, then another for just six. Grateful for our first day of clear skies in almost a week, we looked out into the endless clamor that creates the mismatched skyline of New York City. We walked round and round the observation deck, taking in the view from every angle and making sense of our well studied map from above.

There's reason to why something becomes a tourist activity. The view from the top is always worth the struggle to get there.

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  1. I agree! The view from the top of the Empire State building is just absolutely breathtaking. Nice pictures :)