January 20, 2014


Through our travels we went down a lot of new streets and flew through the deepest and strongest clouds. We sat at the table with family, savouring lost time and spoke on the street with strangers about cameras, books and the weather. I lost count of the amount of times where all my senses were evoked all at once as I tried to take in all that was going on around me, wishing I could eat a moment, to consume and eternally contain the sights, the smells, the sounds and mostly how it feels to be so small in a world so vast, and so imposing, and with corners beyond my reach. Life is our grandest exploration.

I think I always take something away from travel, not just experience and memory, but fresh perspective and invigorated desires. (I'm going to turn my Instagram photos into fridge magnets.) While we were away I switched off and disconnected from a lot of things (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). The world has tried to engage me in so many conversations all at once that it became so easy to stop being present where I was. I don't want to miss a beat in a moment. I want to see what is real and treasure it, because everywhere there are stories and pictures and beauty, in life and in love. Dave and I have experienced the snow and the sun and the rain, for real and metaphorically, and between the adventures that are planned and those that are unexpected, I'm thankful that this story is ours.

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  1. ahhh such amazing photos - travel for me always makes me want to capture everything and super excited about photography :)