February 16, 2014


Today we are watching rain drops fall as a kind relief from the heat that has enveloped our town lately. This year I've silently tried to hurry summer along, uncomfortable with the way it confronts us daily, the temperature seems resilient. Absent from the Australian Christmas break, it is like we walked into a movie more than half way through (which funnily enough, we did yesterday).
Having fled the heat for the northern hemisphere winter, we missed the long afternoons when everyone stops work and communes at a friend's pool or takes a trip to the lake, and revives in the seemingly endless days, while the sun lingers on the horizon.
Instead, we stepped onto a tarmac hot enough to cook a bacon and egg breakfast, beyond the days of available freetime, we adjusted to the work-life routine.

The cool change takes me back to our summer spent in the midst of winter, and the grey skies provide solace in nostalgia, to read books in new cafes, not know what will be for lunch, and what we will see and do today.

Autumn, return soon.

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