February 4, 2014


The trouble with being away for most of January (besides being completely wonderful because we were overseas on holidays), is that it feels like the year has started without us. We've arrived at February already, we're back at work, and what seems like a month late we're solidifying our hopes and plans for this year. I remember in January last year, Dave and I were out walking one evening and I determined that I wanted to start a photography business. By May the opportunity to do so landed in my lap late one Friday afternoon as I agreed to photograph my first wedding with my friend Hayley.

One unexpected opportunity opened the door for us to begin a journey of photographing families, couples, little babies and another wedding, almost every other weekend. I felt my photography skills developing as I sought to connect with these people, to capture their everyday and the bonds of love that hold them together. Every session was a complete privilege to glimpse a little bit into the worlds of some beautiful and kind hearted people.

Before the year ended, Dave and I sat opposite each other with a warm drink, found some scraps of paper in amongst our plane tickets and travel information and nutted out our hopes for this year. And according to the theme and recent beat in our lives, I decided to focus more on less, giving more attention to a smaller amount of areas in my life - I can't do everything.

Doubling the amount of time I am teaching this year, and continuing in studying a Masters, this is the end of me taking photos as part of Memory Lane Studio. I'm going back to just being an amateur, and I'm OK with that. But here is a few of my favourite shots captured last year, and some of the gorgeous people I met along the way.

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  1. You looked absolutely stunning! And it looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend! I love getting together with friends to relax and celebrate.