March 14, 2014


A little over a year ago, I took a leap to take the words I write beyond my journals, assignments and realms of this blog, and responded to a tweet that called for writers for a new publication coordinated by Luisa Brimble. This lady is gifted in so many ways, but most especially in the ability she has to have been able to successfully fulfill one of her dreams and bring a whole bunch of other great creatives, photographers and writers along for the journey - the result, a beautiful magazine called Alphabet Journal. Alphabet Journal is about families, in every way that they come. It doesn't strive to be glossy or picture perfect but to be real and honest. 'Alphabet Journal is a brand new magazine for people who make a home together.'

Only just a month ago, Alphabet Journal went live on Kickstarter, looking for supporters to bring this incredible publication into print, and after just a few short days the goal was reached! Now with just one day left, extra support in ensuring that the next issue will be printed. If you have a spare moment, and some spare dollars, go and check it out and encourage the continuation of honest dreams that build community and inspire us to not lose sight of potential in all of us!

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